Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The tradition of setting resolutions at the beginning of each new year, rarely, results in the resolutions being resolved. It is estimated that less than 3% of those who make resolutions actually stick to it and achieve the goal(s) in mind. Let’s make this year a little different!

For those who have set resolutions to lose weight or become more fit (2 of the most popular resolutions), let us help. Over the past years, we have written many posts indicating the health benefits of mushrooms. More research is being conducted and results are being reported all the time. Recently, it has been found that mushrooms enhance the body’s immune response, which is good news. (SeeĀ E-Mazing News About Mushrooms, Fall 2008, by The Mushroom Council) The bottom line there is only one what to enjoy the health benefits of mushrooms, which is to …eat more mushrooms!

When discussing my occupation with others, I am often asked, “Do you eat a lot of mushrooms?” And the answer is always, not as much as I should. After a hard day’s work, mushrooms are often the last thing I want to think about when leaving for home. So, this year I resolve to eat more mushrooms, not only because of the health benefits, but because of their taste and culinary versatility. I can eat mushrooms with anything!

Please have a happy and safe 2009 and as always we encourage you to …eat more mushrooms!