Roasted Mushrooms







Why did the mushroom go to the party?
Because he was a fun guy !

Why did he leave?
There wasn’t mush-room.

Hilarious, I know, but not as funny as roasted mushrooms are delicious. “Roasting Mushrooms” is a very simple and delicious way to cook mushrooms in an non-traditional way.

Roasting Mushrooms
Put Mushrooms in a shallow baking pan; toss with a little oil and roast in a 450 degree F oven, stirring occasionally until brown, about 20 minutes. Use about one tablespoon of oil for each eight ounces of Mushrooms.

That’s it! We’d love you hear how you enjoyed your roasted mushrooms and what variations you have tried with this simple cooking method. As always we hope this encourages you to …eat more mushrooms!